Mobispy lässt Sie den GPS-Standort des Android-Handys verfolgen, so dass Sie seinen Standort jederzeit kennen können.


  • Verfolgen Sie das Android-Telefon mit aktiviertem GPS auf dem Android-Telefon
  • Verfolgen Sie das Android-Handy auch dann, wenn das GPS auf dem Android-Handy deaktiviert ist*
  • Siehe GPS-Standortdetails wie Datum, Straße, Längen- und Breitengrad
  • Interaktive Echtzeit-Karten.


Wir respektieren Ihre Privatsphäre

Alle Daten auf dem Android-Telefon sind verschlüsselt, um Sie vor jemandem zu schützen, der versucht, die Daten auf dem Telefon zu suchen


It's the responsibility of this Mobispy consumer to determine, and obey

SOFTWARE INTENDED FOR 'illegal functions'. It's the breach of america state or federal law and the regional authority law to set up surveillance applications, like the Accredited Software, on a cell phone or other device that you don't have the right to track. The law normally requires one to notify customers / owners of this device that it's being tracked. The breach of the condition could lead to severe criminal and monetary penalties imposed on the violator. You need to consult your legal adviser related to legality of utilizing the Licensed Software in exactly the way you wish to use it before downloading, installing, downloading and then utilizing it. You take complete responsibility for discovering that you've got the right to track the apparatus where the Licensed Software has been already installed. Mobispy Cannot Be held liable in case a User selects to track an apparatus the User Doesn't Have the right to track; nor may Mobispy provide legal guidance about the use of the Licensed Software All relevant laws in the country in respect to the usage of Mobispy to get